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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A to Z Class: "Ants in my Applesauce"

I found a great resource:  "My A to Z Recipe Box:  An Alphabet of Recipes for Kids".  My preschool classes will be completing each recipe in order.  Most will work for our short class time; some will not, so I will be substituting other recipes.  Today was Ants in my Applesauce.  It was very yummy, though a little sweet for my taste. (The boys didn't seem to mind...."can we have more?!!)  We will probably use a little less sweetener in the Wednesday class.  The Tuesday boys are the "test chefs" when I haven't tried the recipe ahead of time!

The boys enjoyed using the Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer.  They each got to peel their own apple, and then cut them into chunks.  We smelled cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg, which is so much more fragrant than the stuff that comes in a container.  The recipe did not call for nutmeg, but since it's my absolute favorite spice, it had to go in the applesauce.  We had fun using the masher to smash up the warm apples.  We started with a very chunky applesauce, and for seconds, I mashed them quite a bit finer.  Yummmm!


Ready to eat!! 

Keep cranking!

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