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Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day Bars at JaJora Olive Oil Co.

Thank you so much to Michelle at JaJora Olive Oil Co. for hosting our Earth Day Bars class.  I'm looking forward to holding more classes there...look for a summer schedule!

We had chefs of all ages in our class, from 3 year olds to one celebrating her 8th birthday. Our bars were delicious, though they ended up being more like granola.  We used butter olive oil from JaJora in place of the butter in the recipe which I had not tried before.  The Pink Yink Drink was fun, and more fun to drink it while listening to Dr. Seuss.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Sandwich Boys! Chef Sprouts 4/13/12

I was so excited to have a new all-boy group, but we were so sorry that Ben couldn't make it. Poor guy was sick with fever and sore throat.   These boys were so well behaved, polite, patient, and good listeners. After class, I went to teach my 4th grade Jr. Achievement class and I told them I had just finished teaching a class of 6 preschoolers.  They said "that must have been LOUD!" Couldn't be further from the truth.

One reason I like new groups is we can make one of my favorite recipes of all time...Super Sandwiches.   They have been a go-to recipe since I started this business 6 years ago, and I still enjoy making them and reading "Sam's Sandwich".  Maybe one of these days, find some fake bugs and sneak them into our sandwiches and make the book come to life!

This was the picture I took....horrible! 
 It's so nice to have a parent take over the job.
Maybe I should hire a class photographer!