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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Butternut Bites for Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary

The girls were so excited to make treats for the dogs at Happily Ever After!

They had never seen the inside of a butternut squash.  They were quite surprised at how it looked.
We talked a bit about yeast; our recipe called for nutritional yeast.  They knew that yeast was something you use to make bread, but nobody knew what nutritional yeast was.  So they did some internet research and found that it's used to add protein and vitamins to food.

I found the recipe HERE at Vegan.sheknows.com.

Scooping seeds out of the squash

A little hard to cut with this knife.

"We all want stools...we're too short!!!"

Our tester, Casey. 

She liked them!

Will be delivering these to Happily Ever After on Monday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar Trifle

We had a great small group of friends for our Hungry Caterpillar Trifle.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  They knew their moms were taking pictures and they were real hams at times!

I love hearing "I can do it myself!", which I heard quite frequently.  When I gently reminded them that sometimes they need to be shown how to do things first, they listened.  They learned what a trifle is (I don't think my husband even knows!)  They each had their own little Trifle bowl, but we did look at the very large one I have.

This recipe can really be made any way you like.  That's what is so great about Trifles...layer whatever you want in there.  It would also be good with pound cake.  We smashed up graham cracker bunnies.