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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flying Frog Pudding

Always a rockin' good time! 

Coloring the milk.
I'm not a big fan of food coloring.  I try to
use it sparingly. But if we didn't color our pudding, it wouldn't be the color of a frog.

Most of the children will eat the "lilly pad".
Good way to get them to eat Romaine Lettuce.

Chef Sprouts 5/24/11 Super Sandwich Shapes

This is one of my all-time favorite recipes.  If you're not allergic to peanuts, it's healthy, filling, and fun to make.  Simple:  peanuts, honey, cinnamon, and diced apples.  You can use a food processor...I rely on my trusty Magic Bullet.  The kids get excited when they see the Bullet out, though sometimes they think it's a bit too loud and they try to plug one ear while working it!

Such an easy way to make sandwiches more appealing.
Love these big chunky plastic cutters from Pampered Chef

A great book, very engaging:  Sam's Sandwich

Chef Sprouts 5/11 Gingerbread Waffles...Tuesday class

Chef Sprouts 5/20/11 Gingerbread Waffles

We loved making Gingerbread Waffles.  They tasted so good....once we got them out of the waffle iron!  
The pictures are a little out of order.  The batteries ran out of my favorite camera (my 10 year old's!) and we had to grab the other one.  

Kids love using a hand mixer. 

Reading the word "plate"

Mmmmm....Agave Nectar!

This story is so funny...  The Gingerbread Girl