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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 19, 2010 Pretzel Dragonflies

Our Pretzel Dragonflies turned out so cute!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 Fruit Pizza

Today we made Fruit Pizza.  It was so nice to have Ben back to class!  A little "mom and me" time without the twin baby brothers. CeCe was sad to miss class today--early release day from school for her brother.  And Collin and Emmy were unable to get here on time because of a bad accident that closed Highway 41.  Lauren and Ben had a great time making the pizza, though at one point, I was explaining something, I can't even remember what it was, and I heard Lauren say "BORing!"  I had to swallow a laugh, because of course, mom had to tell her that is not appropriate.  But she was speaking her mind.  Out of the mouths of 3 year olds!!!  

We read "More Pies" because we made our pizza with pie crust, and it's not easy to find a book about fruit pizza.