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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Green Eggs and Ham

I'm a little distracted as I'm posting this, as I'm on a hockey team bus heading for Michigan, and driving right through the heart of Chicago.  I just love city lights at night!

So today is Dr. Seuss's birthday!  I've seen a lot of facebook posts about it, quotes, and kids eating green eggs and ham and wearing striped hats.  I decided to celebrate by making green eggs and ham, also.

Instead of making the old standby scrambled eggs and ham with some green food coloring, I wanted to find a great healthy recipe.  I had plans to make pesto, but then found this recipe that sounded interesting, and I wanted to introduce the girls to avocado.  None had ever eaten one before, and they were very interested in what it looked like inside.  They learned how to cut and twist it open and remove the pit.  

They really did so much of the work themselves, I was able to get some great pictures.  They loved the eggs, though Veda only wanted a little of the filling.

I found the recipe here, and loved the graphics that went along with it.  I had to include it on the recipe cards.  

Veda chopping like a wild woman!

Emma in action

I asked if they had ever heard the expression "a watched pot never boils"
Nope!  And they didn't understand it, either.  

Amy pulling the chopper....we found it worked better than the Magic Bullet.

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