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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New apron for "Miss Dub"

I was so happy to have little Miss Hailey in class!  She is a big 3 1/2 now, and it's her first one without her big brother. She did wonderful, as I knew she would.  Every day she would come in and say "hi Miss Dub, what are we making today?"

When we went for a stretch without a class, she apparently forgot my name and called me The Apron Lady.  See, she was really all about the aprons!  I had planned on making all kinds of sparkly designs on some aprons, and only got so far as to make one....a butterfly on a purple apron.  That is now her special apron.  The stones are falling off, and eventually it won't look like a butterfly, but it's hers.  I need to make some new ones.  I have the tool, but the stones are so darned expensive!

So, Hailey comes in today and hands me a bag.  It's a new apron for me, and I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much Hailey and M.E.!!!

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