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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Butterfly Sandwiches 6/13/12 at JaJora Olive Oil Co.

First summer class today at JaJora Olive Oil Company!  We made Butterfly Sandwiches, and I really thought I might hear a few "yucks" about some of the ingredients.  But not one!  We made a puree of peas and white beans and added a bit of Italian Salad Dressing (with my brand new immersion blender...love it!)  I will have to experiment a little with some flavors so we don't have to use salad dressing next time.  It was Bruschetta Italian; a little too sweet, and I don't normally eat a lot of salad dressing anyway. But when you spread it on bread and cover it up with other yummy ingredients, you don't really notice. We layered mozzarella cheese, ham, and greens over the spread, then made the butterfly.  Sliced hard boiled eggs, cucumber and radishes for wings, a red pepper strip body, and some celery strings for antenna.  They were very cute.  Everyone had fun peeling their eggs, though they were a little tough.  I don't like it when the shell comes off in tiny, tiny pieces.  It takes forever!  But they were troopers and kept working at it.

I loved having Collin back in class again.  I really missed him this past year when he went to kindergarten.

Not really sure how these pictures got out of order...oh well!

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