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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Devil Dogs

The recipe for D day was Deviled Eggs.  It's pretty boring to watch eggs boil, plus it would take almost half of our class time.  So I was on a mission to find another D recipe.  Did you know that Whoopie Pies are also called Devil Dogs?  How cool is that, since I just made Whoopie Pies the week before with the older group!  I thought I would simplify it for the Sprouts class and have the spinach done ahead of time.  Silly me to think I could just buy a jar of spinach baby food.  I guess it has been over 11 years since I have bought baby food...I guess they don't sell spinach any more.  From the contamination problems, maybe?  Anyway, I pureed the baby spinach before class, but didn't quite have time to get it as smooth as I would have liked, since I needed to also SHOVEL!!!  Finally got some snow, but couldn't it have waited until after class!?  It was a nasty day, but everyone ventured out in it to come to cooking class.

There were definitely some turned up noses and "yucks" when they saw the spinach.  But lo and behold, all plates were clean in the end.

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