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Friday, March 4, 2011

2-10-11 Sweet Treats for our Peeps and Lemony Love Potion

This class was so fun!  The "Love Potion" was very good.  For the people that we love, we made Brownie Bites with Ganache.  We didn't use quite enough spray and flour in our cupcake tins so we kind of had to chisel them out.  But were they ever good!  And the ganache gave them panache!  Then we sprinkled them with fun red and pink Valentine's Day decors, and carefully packed them in decorated boxes to give.  

Tried out the new egg separator... realized that the old-fashioned method of transferring from
one shell to the other works much better!  Eli loves the feeling of egg on his hands....NOT!

They loved how we would stick the scraper in, and it would work it's
way up all by itself.  Kind of a science lesson.

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