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Friday, November 5, 2010

Easy Organic 11-4-10 Energy Bark and Vanilla Milk

This was our first class of the Easy Organic 3 week session. It was great! We made Energy Bark (rolled oats, slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted wheat germ, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, agave nectar). Most of us loved this stuff, and took seconds. One couldn't eat it, she said "because of my braces". Really, it was just that she doesn't like nuts! She never said anything until we were serving it up and she politely said, "no thank you". This recipe can also be made with cereal, so make sure you look for some good cereal to make it with if you don't like nuts. 

Most of them said they don't like coconut, but what do you know, they all loved it. Maybe using flakes rather than the larger coconut helps. And once you put it in the oven and it toasts, it's got that awesome flavor! You could really add some chocolate chips, and it would taste a lot like my favorite Girl Scout cookies, Samoas.

They all took turns reading a story called "Organic Field Trip" which told us all about what it means to be "organic". I then gave them a little True/False quiz and they did great. We talked about microorganisms, ecosystems, crop rotation, earthworms, manure, and chemicals. Sounds exciting, right?

While our Energy Bark was baking, we made Vanilla Milk, which is just organic whole milk, a little vanilla, and some agave nectar. We put it in a blender which made it very frothy. This is a much cheaper option than buying the flavored organic milks that Tanner likes at a certain coffee shops. Plus, it makes great "Got Milk?" pictures!

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