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Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Cook with a Book at Butterfly Books

This class is so much fun! Cook with a Book is a story time followed by making (and eating) a simple snack.  Our October theme was pumpkins.  We read a couple of pumpkin books and sang some songs, and then made No Bake Pumpkin Pies. 

We were doing a little scarecrow song, and we talked about what makes the scarecrow so scary to the birds...talked about how the straw or hay makes noise in the wind, and sometimes people put bells or things that clang on them. And one little boy said, "and sometimes they use a microwave!" I had to giggle (to myself). I knew he meant microphone--we had a laugh about high-tech scarecrows. Later we were talking about big "T" and little "t", as in Tablespoons vs. teaspoons. I asked if they knew what a T looked like, and the same boy said "you use it to hold your ball". He's a little golfer! Never a dull moment.

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