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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Bars and Pink Yink Drink

To celebrate Earth Day (tomorrow) we made Earth Day Bars.  Made with good things...oats (Collin thought we were making something with weeds, since he saw a picture of weeds on the oatmeal container!), dark chocolate chips (healthy for our hearts), peanuts.  CeCe had a great time chopping the nuts.

We also made Pink Yink Drink.  Pureed blueberries with a touch of Organic Agave Nectar--pour in the bottom of the glass and top slowly with a blended mix of strawberries, milk and Agave syrup (or honey, but the honey was low and we didn't want to wait for it to make it's way to the top of the bottle).  Agave Nectar is great to use as a sweetener.  It's all natural, has strong sweetening properties and a low glycemic index (which means it is slowly absorbed by the body and doesn't cause the same spike in blood sugar as regular sugar).  I use it for everything!

We read Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree", great story about making friends with trees :)  Still kind of brings a tear to my eye.

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